About EQFix

At EQFix, our mission is to create a digital community of equestrians, managing, sharing, collaborating and growing their passion.

EQFix is the result of bringing together 2 passions: the passion for horses and optimisation through digitalisation. At EQFix, we work hard to build a solution for everyone who is involved in the equestrian world. From a horse owner who has an occasional ride to the (semi-)professional rider or professional service provider like a vet, physiotherapist, trainer, farrier,...

Every horse owner has the need to manage his horses in the best way possible. From feeding schedules over planning of medical treatments, trainings and competitions, to keeping track of the evolution he or she is making. Managing all of this in different locations from paper calendars to smartphones can work, but can be done better, more efficient and more pleasant!

This is where EQFix wants to shine. We want to bring a tool for horse owners and riders in which all horse-related activities are gathered in a transparent, easy to use and clear application.

Not only horse owners and riders will benefit from the use of EQFix. Also professionals like vets, trainers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, farriers, saddle fitters, ... will be able to use EQFIx to manage their work and clients. EQFix will deliver them the possibility to reach new clients and get better insights in the behaviour and loyalty of their customers, allowing them to grow their business.

EQFix will digitalise the equestrian world and wants to grow together with its users to achieve the optimal digital experience when working with horses.

Julie De Rore
Passionate horse lover
Sales & Marketing Manager
Bert Ameye
Passionate horse lover
CEO & Founder

EQFix is a realisation of Mobile Planning Solutions BVBA (BE0687.651.014)

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